Sunday, October 30, 2005

Another Republican Hat - More Immigrant Bashing

News is that former congressman, Brian Bilbray, is going to join the battle for the seat that Randy "Duke" Cunningham will be giving up next election. Bilbray, who was kicked out by voters in San Diego's more moderate 49th District in the 2000 election has moved his residence to the conservative 50th.

Bilbray joins a collection of right wing Republican nut cases in the pursuit of Cunningham's seat. Already announced are Howard "Truth Tour" Kaloogian, Bill "Free Speech for Nazis" Morrow and Mark "I Loaned Myself $150,00" Wyland.

Bilbray's was tossed out of Congress by his constituents in part because he defied their wishes, drank the Republican kool-aid and voted to impeach Bill Clinton.

"Bilbray is, you might remember [is] the former representative for San Diego’s 49th District from 1995 to 2001 until he forgot a cardinal rule of Congressional politics: when your party leadership says vote “yes” but your district says vote “no” – by an almost 2:1 margin – you politely tell your party leadership, in your best surferese, to pound sand. The “yes” vote was in support of Bill Clinton’s bill of impeachment, a vote strongly opposed by Bilbray’s moderate district. His “just say yes” act turned out to be a big factor in his subsequent 2000 defeat by Democrat Susan Davis."

Bilbray went on to pick up key knowledge of how the Republican controlled congress of George Bush works by spending the last few years as a lobbyist. But, he knew most of those tricks as a congressman, when he was in the pocket of mega real estate developer, Corky McMillin.

Oh, and Bilbray plans to make illegal immigration the focus of his campaign. There's a surprise.