Saturday, August 20, 2005

Kaloogian's Group Attacks Cindy Sheehan

Check out this diary from The Daily Kos regarding Howard Kaloogian's attacks on Cindy Sheehan. As we have discussed many times here, Kaloogian shills for an organization called Move American Forward (MAF). MAF has decided to go after Cindy Sheehan and has organized a media circus to drive from San Francisco to Crawford and confront Sheehan on August 27.

This whole circus is designed for maximum exposure on right wing talk radio and Fox affiliated TV stations. Check out the MAF caravan schedule. It is nothing but media events and news conferences. Do you think it is coincidental that the MAF activity is scheduled for the same time that President Bush is going to hit the road and try and resell his phony war on terror to the American people?

Kaloogian is running for Congress in the 50th District in California. That's his motivation. His partner at MAF is right wing radio host Melanie Morgan. Ratings are her motivation. The whole MAF operation is a subsidiary of right wing PR firm Russo, Marsh and Rogers. Events like this swell their mailing lists and help them generate donation appeals, so that's their motivation.

Unlike Kaloogian, Morgan and their crowd, Cindy Sheehan went to Crawford with a friend and a lawn chair and asked politely to speak to the President.

How can Kaloogian and his ilk question Cindy Sheehan? Why won't the mainstream press put Kaloogian and Morgan's motivation and agendas under the same scrutiny as they are applying to Cindy Sheehan.