Saturday, October 15, 2005

Justice "Delay"ed

Democratic Veteran highlights the most recent outing of one of, as the Veteran so eloquently puts it, Tom Delay's "bitches". In this case the Delay disciple is Indiana's Chris Chocola, the apparent recipient of big bucks from the Delay campaign money laundry. The Vet links to an AP account of the fund clean up.

“Tom DeLay's political group used nearly $100,000 in corporate and unlimited donations to mail last-minute political appeals praising five congressional candidates despite rules meant to keep such money out of federal races, documents released Thursday show.

They show DeLay's ARMPAC sent money from its so-called soft-money account before the November 2002 election to pay for mailings for such candidates as Indiana Republican Chris Chocola, who won election to the House that year.

An ARMPAC mailing to gun-owning voters in Chocola's race for an open congressional seat praised him as someone who "will protect the sporting traditions that Indiana sportsmen have passed on. For future generations to continue to enjoy our heritage, we need the leadership of Chris Chocola."

Delay's power is in his ability to raise nearly infinite amount of corporate soft money and turn it into election influencing, and often illegal, contributions to the candidates that he owns. Talk about corruption.