Sunday, October 30, 2005

Took A Week Off In Disgust

Words Have Power hasn't had many words lately. We've been pretty much fed up with the liberal blogosphere and have had no interest in joining in for a while.

All of the hoopla around the Traitorgate revelations and all of the continuing "tea leaf" reading and parsing of the Libby indictment seem to us to be a real waste of time.

The Republican Party controls the levers of power. The news media continues to roll over and play along with what their corporate masters deem news worthy. Missing white women and dead white female attorneys. The small signs of journalistic life that emerged in the Katrina aftermath have pretty much disappeared.

President Bush's crony appointment of Harriet Miers was derailed by the religious right not the Democrats. Bush will now appoint someone more conservative and dangerous to the civil liberties of Americans and Democrat will roll over.

Tom Delay still rules. Duke Cunningham still decides which defense contractor gets what share of the pie. The best congressional candidate the Democrats could hope for in an
Ohio special election, Paul Hackett, can't beat a cheerleader for Ohio's corrupt Republican machine.

So Scooter Libby is going to end up with a big book deal and a lucrative career on the right wing speaking circuit, some victory.

While the lefty blogosphere celebrates, Dick Pombo is gutting environment legislation put in place with incredible effort over the last century. He is doing that with the active support of Democrats in Congress.

While the lefty blogosphere ponders Fitzgerald’s next move, Republicans in Congress are going to make sure that all the Bush tax cuts for the rich are made permanent and cut food stamps and school lunches for the poor to save money.

Oh....least we forget, while the lefty blogosphere celebrates Fitzmas, the American death toll in
Iraq reaches 2013.