Saturday, October 15, 2005

Culture of Corruption - RIP (wishful thinking)

At Tom Paine, commentator Michael Fauntroy writes an obit for the GOP. I think he is a bit premature. The roots of Republican corruption are deep and the money tap has not been turned off, nor has the right wing noise machine been dismantled. Still..................

"Unlike many observers who have gleefully exulted in Tom DeLay’s recent indictments, I think his guilt or innocence is almost beside the point, particularly since he’s still in the House wielding his considerable power. His arm twisting to ensure recent passage of the giveaway for the oil-industry energy bill proves his troubles aren’t weakening his support among House Republicans—yet. You see, his possible acquittal doesn’t obviate the fact that he is a dirty politician and his continued presence as such a prominent Republican marks the beginning of the end of GOP dominance of Congress. I write this not because I know a secret but, rather, because DeLay’s indictment is one of a long list of ethical lapses that show the national GOP to be corrupt. How can they go to the voters next year asking for continued congressional control when it is now clear that all they want to do is use it to enrich their friends and punish their enemies, all on the taxpayers dime?"

And, Fauntroy takes the time to mention my local Republican Corruption Circus clown, Randy "Duke" Cunningham.

"Meanwhile, Republican elected officials are being caught in scheme after scheme to enrich themselves. Congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham sold his house to a government contractor doing business before Cunningham’s committee for nearly twice its market value in what can only be called a bribe. Further, Cunningham lived for years on this same contractor's houseboat in D.C."

We wrote about some speculation about Cunningham's nautical adventures on the Duke-Stir earlier in the week.

Speaking of Cunningham, there's still time to participate in the Cunningham resignation watch. Beside life style rumors, there is another more ominous rumor going around and that is the one that suggests indictments from Cunningham's federal grand jury are going to come down in October.