Saturday, October 15, 2005

Alternative to Circus of Corruption

Next year, Americans will have the chance to repudiate the Republican Culture of Corruption all across this country. Despite the absolute incompetence of the Bush Administration and blatant corruption of Republicans such as Tom Delay, Bill Frist, Randy Cunningham, the list goes on; every race to unseat a member of the corrupt Republican regime is going to require an incredibly difficult effort and lots of money.

In CA-50, the opportunity is great. Incumbent Republican Congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham is enmeshed in a bribery and conspiracy scandal that has already forced him to announce his retirement at the end of this term. Of course, if indictments are handed down before the end of the year, the resulting controversy might cause Cunningham to resign.

There is a viable, powerhouse Democratic candidate in place and running hard in CA-50. Francine Busby took the fight to Cunningham last year. She lost the race, but didn't give up the fight. With a solid organization in place, party support and, MOST CRITICALLY, a candidate who stands for something, Busby is a contender in what has been a safe Republican district.

Last week, the Busby campaign announced that their fund raising was going strong and that the candidate was expanding her campaign headquarters to accommodate the surge in support and interest in the community.

"Congressional Candidate Francine Busby announced today that she raised $147,000 in campaign contributions from July to September. At the end of September, Busby for Congress had over $176,000 in cash on hand. Over 95% of the contributions in 2006 have come from within

"San Diegans are ready for a candidate who is serious about restoring honesty and integrity to Congress and their investment in my campaign shows that," said Busby. "Voters are tired of the pay-to-play politics of Duke Cunningham; they want someone who will bring ethics back to our government. That's why I have received so much support from Republicans, Democrats and Independents." Since she started fundraising in March, Busby has raised $248,000 in mostly small donations.

Over the past week, Busby for Congress moved into a larger office to accommodate the growing campaign. The office is within the same West 'D' Street building in Encinitas.

"We will have the resources and team to win what will be the most watched congressional race on the West Coast," said Busby."

It is well and good to talk about the Republican's self-destructing, but that is just talk. If we want to take this country back from the Republicans we need to work, sweat and contribute to make it happen.

In the CA-50, you can help make it happen.