Monday, March 27, 2006

Roach Scurrying From the Light

The muck and slime throwing continues on the Republican side of the race to replace convicted Republican felon Randy “Duke” Cunningham in the 5oth Congressional District.

Over at San Diego Politics, speculation is rampant that the California Republican Assembly’s (CRA) most recent attacks on Brian Bilbray were funded by the Eric Roach campaign.

The four page mailer linked Bilbray to convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff and blamed him for 155 diet supplement related deaths.

The CRA assumed full responsibility for the hit piece and promised more to come. What the CRA refused to do, however, was disclose who paid the $25,000 that it cost to print and distribute the mailers to 80,000 North County households.

San Diego Politics notes that graphics designer and Internet expert, Jeff Evans, works directly for both the CRA and the Roach campaign. However, the CRA claims that Evans was kept in the dark about the Bilbray hit pieces.

The final speculation from San Diego Politics is that the Bilbray hit was retaliation from the Roach campaign.

If Roach was indeed the source of funding for the hit piece, you’d have to wonder if he wasn’t looking for revenge for the efforts of Bilbray supporters to report on the ties to pedophilia of Roach’s former business associate.
These are the front runnng Republicans in the race to replace a Republican who tooks millions in bribes and sold out his constituents in the process. These Republican candidates talk about ethics, integrity and morality. The same line that Cunningham used to hand us here in the North County. Just as with Cunningham, it’s all talk.

If you want a preview of how these guys will act in office, just look at their campaign behavior.