Sunday, March 26, 2006

Corrupt to the Core

Today's Washington Post revelations regarding Tom Delay's former chief of staff, Ed Buckman and their shared interest in the U.S. Family Network demonstrate how deep the corruption of the Republican congress extends.

Through the U.S Family Network, Buckman laundered millions of dollars for Delay and other Republican leaders, such as Representative Roy Blount. Buckman used the money pouring into the U.S. Family Network to take care of not only Delay and Blount staff members, but Delay's wife, Christine, who pulled down a monthly salary of $3,200.

Buckman closed down the U.S. Family Network in 2001 as a Federal Election Commission investigation was discovering ties between the U.S. Family Network and the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC). The head of the NRCC at the time, Roy Blount's future wife, Abigail Perlman.

At the fringes of all of this, learning the ropes from the pros were John and Julie Doolittle. Julie Doolittle would go to work for Buckman at his flagship lobbying firm, the Alexander Strategy group, where she would help Jack Abramoff with his phony charity, the Capital Athletic Foundation and Buckman with another of his front organizations, the Korea U.S. Exchange Council.

If Julie Doolittle is a smart as her husband says she it, do you think that she might have picked up on the fact that Buckman was helping key Republican congressman skim millions of dollars through deception, lies and a variety of scams?

Considering the Doolittle's own 15% off the top financial scam, maybe Julie Doolittle learned a lot from Ed Buckman, Tom Delay and Roy Blount.