Saturday, March 25, 2006

Rovian Viral Propaganda

No one that I read does a better job dissecting the process by which the Bush Administration manufactures and distributes its lies than Jeff Huber. He does it daily at the Pen and Sword and in this extended piece at e Pluribus Media.

This week, Mister Bush took to the road to sell his war in Iraq on its third anniversary before televised Town Hall style encounters with "real folks" asking "spontaneous" questions. These events, covered by the very media the Bush administration scapegoats, were no more genuine than a zirconium engagement ring, but I didn't hear a single commentator question if maybe it wasn't all just another staged propaganda event.

The truth is not something that miraculous stands out from the false, but flashy "zirconium" lies that surround it. Truth can not be separated from reality. Yet, it is important to remember the Bush Administration claimed years ago that it had the power to create its own reality, with no regard for the truth or those who serve it.