Saturday, March 25, 2006

Are Jerry Lewis' Days Numbered?

Down With Tyranny seems to think that Southern California's most powerful congressman, Jerry Lewis (CA-41), is facing a federal indictment for his role in the Randy "Duke" Cunningham earmarking saga. Certainly, Lewis was the man in charge of the committee that allowed Cunningham to give taxpayer money away to his friends Brent Wilkes and Mitchell Wade.

Lewis has some pretty shady friends of his own as we have noted frequenty at WHP. For example, there is Lewis' revolving door staffer, Jefferey Shockley. For another, there is Lewis' cozy relationship with lobbyist, Bill Lowery.

Of course, Lewis picked up a pile of cash from soon to be indicted Cunningham briber, Brent Wilkes.

When the Wilkes case breaks you will see Lewis go down and along with him will be John Doolittle (CA-4) and Duncan Hunter (CA-52).