Saturday, March 25, 2006

CA-50 Eric Roach Keeps Cheating

The Swing State Project picks up on an illegal campaign mailer in the CA-50 special election race. Seems that millionaire Eric Roach has put together a two page letter, ostensible written by his wife, touting his candidacy. Problem is the Roach campaign fails to note anywhere on the document that they are responsible for it, a clear violation of the law.

In other words, if you send out a mailer, you've got to put one of those little disclaimers on it, saying who authorized and paid for the mailer. The Roach campaign sent out a two-page letter - purporting to be from his wife, Meg - but didn't include any disclaimers at all. Not on page one, not on page two, not on the front of the envelope, not on the back of the envelope.

The letter, which looks more like a 14 year olds diary entry, suggest among other rather foolish things that the Roach campaign is "more of a 'grassroots' effort." How spending a million dollars out of your own pocket can be classified as "grassroots" seems to be beyond Meg Roach's grasp.

This isn't the first time that the Roach campaign has attempted to ignore the requirements of campaign law. Back in February, Roach's self-funding triggered the "millionaires' amendment" that opened the door for his opponents to increase their fund raising limits. Rumor has it that Roach did not intend to inform the Federal Election Commission that his campaign had exceeded the self-funding limits and that the Roach crew only made its disclosure after a reporter threatened to expose Roach in print.

This is a candidate whose wife suggests has "been thoroughly dismayed at the way Congress has been acting lately." Yet, he seems to have already caught on to some of the finer points of rule breaking that so characterize the Republican congress of corruption.

Hat tip to the tireless crew at Calitic's .