Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Irrelevant Candidates Say Poll Is Irrelevant

Recent polling information regarding candidates in the 50th Congressional District special election has a couple of candidates fuming. Millionaire Alan Uke and state senator Bill Morrow had less than stellar performance in the Datamar poll released yesterday.

Both candidates now question the methodology used by Datamar. The ballot for the April 11 special election is crowded with 18 candidates, including 14 Republicans. Each of the top three Republicans were preferred by potential voters by margins of three and four to one over Uke and Morrow.

Uke and Morrow claim that Datamar’s failure to rotate the names of candidates read to respondents in the phone survey doomed them to show poorly.

"The poll is inaccurate," Uke said.

He said he has had his own poll conducted by a private company, and those poll results show that "right now," most voters are undecided.


A spokesman for Morrow's campaign also protested Datamar's failure to rotate names.

"It's a real disservice when a poll holds itself out as credible when its methodology is so clearly lacking in credibility," said Morrow campaign spokesman Joe Justin.

Of course, their excuse for an equally poor showing in the Lake poll also released yesterday can’t be blamed on the lack of name rotation, as that methodology was used by Lake.

It could be that the public just doesn't find much relevance in either candidate.