Sunday, November 06, 2005

Sore Loser - WTF

The other day, Farnsworth over at OPOV, posted this link to a story about the 2004 presidential election.

"Sen. John Kerry, the Democratic presidential candidate in 2004, has told acquaintances over the past year that he suspects that the election was stolen, but that he didn’t challenge the official results because he lacked hard proof and anticipated a firestorm of criticism if he pressed the point."

The story goes on to detail conversations between Kerry and Fooled Again author. Mark Crispin Miller.

“He told me he now thinks the election was stolen,” Miller said. “He said he doesn’t believe that he is the person who can go out front on the issue because of the sour grapes … question. But he said he believes it was stolen. He says he argues about this with his Democratic colleagues on the Hill. He had just had a big fight with Christopher Dodd.”

Miller and Winer said Kerry suspected possible tampering with electronic voting machines, but that he was persuaded by his campaign’s top advisers, including veteran consultant Bob Shrum that contesting the results only would lead to accusations that Kerry was a sore loser."

OK... Bush's credibility is approaching ZERO on virtually every issue. Much of what Kerry said during the campaign has either been proven as true or is in the process of being confirmed. The public is ready to support a Bush impeachment when the proof of his administration lies on Iraq is presented. And, the man Democrats selected to lead their party just over a year ago, is afraid that someone will call his names if he speaks up.

It is hard to figure out how Democrats can be some stupid. The point here isn't that Kerry got Swiftboated and lost the election. The point here is that the Bush Machine stole their second presidential election in a row and the man who had the election stolen from him is afraid to stand up and talk about it in public. How Democrats could be so fooled by Kerry. He is not a man of courage or integrity. The Republicans were right, he is a coward.