Sunday, November 06, 2005

Cunningham Praying for More Scandals

Congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham continues to plug along in the Republican controlled congress. With retirement planned at the end of this term, Cunningham has abandoned any pretense of representing his constituents in the 50th District of California. The Republican circus of corruption has crowded Duke out of the headlines, piling up bigger and bigger rotting fish for the media, leaving Duke free to ignore the folks at home and just hang on for one more year.

Cunningham persists (like an obnoxious skin disease) on two of the most powerful committees in Congress. Earmarking funds and doing the bidding of his financial masters. With a federal indictment coming down the road and an estimated $1.5 million in legal costs to cover, Duke needs his rich friends more than ever. Let's face it, Duke never counted on twenty dollar donations. He went straight for the big corporate money and he provided effective representation to those big buck contributors. Now he needs their help one last time.

The North County Times suggests that Cunningham's day of reckoning in the courts or at least his indictment is close at hand.

"There are rumblings in Washington that the investigation could be coming to a head. A source close to the investigation contends that prosecutors are "ready to go."

The source, who spoke only on the condition of anonymity, has been involved in the case since it began, predicted indictments could be coming soon.

"The amount of money involved will be astounding," the source said of what he anticipates the government's case to allege."

Cunningham has $650,000 available in his campaign funds. Funds that he is allowed to utilize for his defense. In October, Cunningham also received permission to establish a legal defense trust fund. According to Cunningham's financial bagman,
Kenneth Batson, "contributions are being received on an almost daily basis." Considering the kind of money Cunningham's pals have at their disposal, it will be interesting to see how much money the Duke is being paid for his prior services.

It will also be interesting and illustrative to see what kind of individuals and companies think so much of Duke to give him money in his hour of need.