Monday, April 03, 2006


As a millionaire candidate, Eric Roach has been forced to create an organization from the ground up. With the Republican Party machinery unavailable to him and ostensibly neutral during the 50th Congressional District special election, Roach has created his owns "grassroots" effort. Of course, its not real grass, more like astroturf. San Diego Politics has more on Roach's hired "volunteers."

Since Roach is a newbie candidate without any known previous political involvement he did not bring to this race the volunteer activist base of candidates like Francine Busby, Brian Bilbray, Howard Kaloogian and Bill Morrow.

As a result, Roach has been forced to retain a temp agency, Labor Finders of Poway, to hire campaign volunteers. Roach’s recent FEC filings show repeated payments to individuals for precinct walking and to Labor Finders for "Temp. Staff" There are also payments in other sections for some of the same individuals listed as payments for "Staff."

Eric Roach wants to run for office, but he doesn't have time to waste on building up the kind of community support critical to successful public service. Let's face it, Roach doesn't want to serve, he wants to own.