Sunday, April 02, 2006

CA-50 Menu - Hot and Spicy

The massive field of candidates for the special congressional election in the 50th District has pretty much sorted itself out.

Democrat Francine Busby is within striking distance of the 50% + 1 mandate that would send her directly to congress.

Following well behind her are three Republican challengers (Bilbray, Kaloogian, Roach) who's behavior more and more is earning them the title of "three stooges." The stooges look to collectively have about a 30% share of the political market. Which stooge is leading the Republican pack at any given time is hard to judge.

What is left is about 15-20% of the potential votes. Votes that will be tossed to a field of sincere and energetic candidates, who have no chance of winning, but who apparently add "flavor" and "fire" to the race.

The San Diego Union Tribune profiles this hot and spicy smorgasbord of candidates.