Saturday, April 01, 2006

Kaloogian Projection - And Other Tales of the 50th

San Diego Union Tribune columnist, Logan Jenkins, reports on another Kaloogian geography error in his April 1st (hint) column.
...There's another error on Kaloogian's Web site.

In a snapshot in his photo gallery, Kaloogian is supposedly standing near Mount Ararat in “Aremenia.” (Most of us know it as as Armenia.)

Thanks to a biblical blogger with an interest in geology, I have learned that the mountain in the photograph is not Mount Ararat, the post-flood landing platform for Noah's Ark.

No, a close analysis of the outcropping's outline proves that Kaloogian is actually posing in the San Pasqual Valley with a snow-capped Mount Palomar in the background. When told of the error, Kaloogian said, “I can't believe it. Somehow photos from my tour of the Wild Animal Park got switched with those taken on the Iraq trip.”

Looks like the folks at TPM Muckraker forgot what day it was.

More April 1st "news" about the 50th Congressional District Special Election from Jenkins:

On former Republican front runner, congressman turned lobbyist, Brian Bilbray -

Hit pieces targeting former Congressman Brian Bilbray have gone way over the top. The most recent feature a computer-rigged fake photograph of Bilbray riding a wave tandem with corrupt lobbyist Jack Abramoff. The caption says: “Bilbray and buddy Washington lobbyist carve wave in the Mariana Islands on surf junket. Roasted pig served at luau.”

In another mailer, Bilbray is shown working in what appears to be a meth lab in a Rancho Santa Fe mansion with his old associate, Mike Ellis, former Metabolife executive. Caption: “Bilbray earns lavish campaign contributions he received from death-dealing herbal appetite suppressant.”

On highly qualified and completely overlooked State Senator Bill Morrow -

After proposing chemical castration after the first conviction for child molestation, state Sen. Morrow did not get the campaign lift he'd hoped for. Polls show him to be lagging in fourth or fifth place.

In a desperate bid for elevation, Morrow is mulling a last-minute offensive: Advocate the physical castration of second-time offenders. The snappy slogan: “The Kindest Cut for Kids.”

Jenkins story lines prove what Howard Kaloogian's campaign demonstrated: the best stories are the ones that you make up.