Sunday, April 02, 2006

Doolittle Finds A Friend

Someone finally steps forward to defend John Doolittle (CA-4) from the "liberal media." Typical of the stinking liberal media, the defense takes place in that liberal fishwrap the Sacramento Bee.

Of course having, Assemblyman Tim Leslie (R-Timber, Developer, Insurance Companies) come to your defense, might seem like no defense at all. Not to mention that Leslie will be term limited out of the state assembly this year, so he isn't putting much on the line to defend a soon to be indicted felon.
In fact, election season attacks on Doolittle are so predictable one can practically set their watch to them. In just the past four months, The Bee has run more than 20 negative news stories and editorials against Doolittle on issues ranging from the type of car he drives to the Christmas gifts that he has generously and legally given his hard-working staff. At the same time, stories on more substantive issues such as Doolittle's recent trip to Iraq, or his legislation making our ports more secure, were deemed not to be newsworthy.

While the shear numbers of negative stories is enough to raise questions, even more disturbing is how important facts are often left out or misrepresented. There is no better example of this than The Bee's most recent editorial "Questionable practices," which attacked John's wife, Julie, for earning a salary for the hard work she performs for John.

Thanks Tim. Julie does perform hard work for John, just as she worked hard for Tony Rudy, Ed Buckman and Jack Abramoff. Bank robbers work hard, Tim, should I vote for them, too.

By the way "shear" is something you do to the sheep who vote for you.