Saturday, April 01, 2006

Mr. and Ms. Appropriation - Hearing Footsteps

The noose is tightening around Tom Delay as more and more of his former staff members are indicted and convicted. Each new round of plea bargaining getting the feds closer to Delay and closer to California's own Representative John Doolittle (CA-4). Although Doolittle doesn't have a snappy court name like Co-conspirator #1, Staffer B or Representative A, he has been dubbed Mr. Appropriation by the Sacramento Bee.

Nowhere can the footsteps be louder that at the Doolittle household. Doolittle's wife Julie, "Ms. Appropriations," was part of the "wives club" that worked for Jack Abramoff (convicted), Tony Rudy (guilty plea) and former Delay chief of staff, Ed Buckman (next in line for a plea bargain).

Representative John Doolittle's time in court is coming and over at Dump Doolittle, there are questions and a note of concern for Julie and John.
"Tom Delay is identified as Rep. # 2, Ed Buckham is lobbyist "B", and his firm, the one you worked for, is lobbying firm "C". Rudy, Buckham, and Abramoff have all been big contributors to John. It does not look good. The number of felons who have contributed to John are growing."
I think the Doolittles are in line for their own federal indictment nicknames soon.