Thursday, March 30, 2006

Duncan Hunter Throws Duke Under the Bus

According to the San Diego Union Tribune Representative Duncan Hunter (CA-52) has agreed to have his House Armed Services Committee review its records for 2004 and 2005 to determine the extent to which convicted felon and former 50th District congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham might have influenced spending toward companies that happened to be paying him off with bribes.

Hunter's was pushed to order the review by Democrat Vic Snyder (AR-2), but Hunter refused to allow the staff review to extend to activities prior to 2004 AND Hunter refused to allow any review of other members of the committee who might have joined Cunningham in his funding requests.

Hunter's restrictions will certainly protect one member of the committee, Duncan Hunter himself.

Prior to 2004, Hunter partnered with Cunningham to push through several projects that the Department of Defense had not asked for and in which they had little interest.
Although Hunter has not been cited in any of the criminal probes of Cunningham, the two San Diego County lawmakers cooperated closely on a number of projects that helped local defense firms. Hunter reportedly helped to pressure defense officials to provide funds to projects that Cunningham had favored. The two also cooperated to get funding for an experimental ship, called the Seafighter, and for a guided missile, called the affordable weapon system, both produced by San Diego-based Titan Corp.
Who would expect Hunter to allow an investigation of his support of Cunningham's criminal activities. Well, maybe the American people. The ones who paid the bills.