Thursday, March 30, 2006

Kaloogian as Legislator - One of the "great ignored"

The evidence that Howard Kaloogian is truth impaired seems pretty conclusive, but that sort of handicap has never been much of an impediment to getting elected in the 50th congressional district.

It might be useful to ask what kind of legislator Howard Kaloogian might be if he were to be elected. The San Diego Union Tribune takes a look at Kaloogian's six years as a California state assemblyman. His capabilities as a member of the assembly don't appear to be at the same level as his capacity for prevarication. Here's a sampler of Kaloogian the legislator:
...Kaloogian became known in Sacramento as an in-your-face partisan who was unable to get many important bills passed.


By the time he left the Legislature in 2000, Kaloogian and his friend, former Assemblyman Steve Baldwin, were so isolated from their colleagues in both parties that they shunned group celebrations.

Instead, on their last night in the Assembly, they each had a glass of champagne in Baldwin's office, according to Baldwin.

“We were both thrilled to be gone,” Baldwin said in a 2000 interview.


Kaloogian's ideological approach might have limited his effectiveness. In a 1998 assessment of legislators' capabilities, the California Journal, a now-defunct magazine, designated Kaloogian as one of the “great ignored.”
The people of the 50th congressional district don't need an in your face advocate of radical right wing causes, they need someone to support and protect their interests in congress.