Friday, March 31, 2006

Eric Roach - My Own Little Newspaper

CA-50 millionaire Republican candidate Eric Roach has his own little newspaper. It's kind of cute, in a sick, egotistical and misleading sort of way. North County Times (a real newspaper) columnist Richard Riehl (a real newspaperman) writes about the Roach campaign's latest attempt at deception.
Disguising his campaign mailer as a newspaper seems a strange choice for someone who calls himself an outsider, won't engage in politics as usual, and aims to "restore trust and confidence in our system of government." Although there may not be anything illegal about it, one wonders about his motivation for doing so.

Was he hoping the newspaper format would make his campaign more credible by misleading voters into thinking a nonpartisan newspaper had endorsed his candidacy? If so, it's hard to take seriously his claim to be a reform-minded political outsider.
Poor Eric. Now he knows how us bloggers feel when the "real" media criticizes us.