Saturday, April 01, 2006

How The Right Wing Noise Machine Works

In a short comment, Jonathan Chait explains how the Right Wing Noise Machine works. His comment focuses on publishing, but it could just as well apply to right wing talk radio or Fox News.
Somewhere there's a conservative publishing house trying to brainstorm book topics. It has a room with a white wall on which there are taped a series of placards. On the left you have a list of enemies: Hillary Clinton, Howard Dean, The Democrats, The United Nations, France, Michael Moore. On the right you have a list of plots to match with the villain: Apologize for Terrorists, Raise Your Taxes, Destroy Christmas, Steal Your Guns, Sodomize Your Children. Just mix and match. Voila! The books write themselves: "Hillary Clinton's War Against Christmas"; "Traitor: How Howard Dean Apologizes for Terrorists"; "Bonjour, Garcon: The French Plot to Sodomize Your Children"; and so on.
Accuracy, truth, facts..........sadly outmoded concepts of the old reality.

Hat tip to the Washington Monthly.