Saturday, March 25, 2006

Latest CA-50 Polling

The most recent publicly available poll regarding the special election to replace convicted felon Randy "Duke" Cunningham in the 50th District continues to be bad news from most of the candidates in the crowded field.

A SurveyUSA poll conducted the weekend of March 18-19, finds just four candidates with 20% or higher "favorable" public perception:

Francine Busby (D) 38%
Brian Bilbray (R) 23%
Howard Kaloogian (R) 20%
Eric Roach (R) 20%

As far as familiarity goes, Democrat Busby is far ahead of all candidates. The poll found that most of the vast number of Republican candidates are simply unknown in the district. Only former congressman Brian Bilbray comes close to Busby in name recognition.

When asked about the candidates, district residents had the following degree of unfamiliarity with the top tier candidates.

Francine Busby (D) 20% (unfamiliar)
Brian Bilbray (R) 29% (unfamiliar)
Eric Roach (R) 32% (unfamiliar)
Howard Kaloogian (R) 40% (unfamiliar)

Perhaps the most disappointing revelations of the poll relate to State Senator Bill Morrow, who has achieved a rare political double-double. Despite his years in public service, Morrow is unfamiliar to 35% of the voters in predominantly Republican district and his unfavorable rating is higher than his favorable rating. Morrow's recent mud slinging support from the California Republican Assembly isn't likely to do much to improve his already shaky image.