Saturday, March 25, 2006

Ideological Purity

Yesterday, we posted regarding the California Republican Assembly's (CRA) attacks on fellow Republican Brian Bilbray. The CRA took full credit for the hit pieces in today's San Diego Union Tribune.

Mike Spence, the president of the conservative Republican group, was unapologetic.

“All the people who talk about polls say Bilbray is No. 1,” Spence said, “In order for a conservative to win, for our candidate to win, we had to hit.”

The group has endorsed state Sen. Bill Morrow, saying they believe Bilbray, though a Republican, is too liberal to lead the district. Morrow disavowed knowledge of the mailer.

Los Angeles Times columnist, Patt Morrison, called the CRA "the bemuscled bouncer of California GOP politics." And, the CRA is playing its role as protector of GOP virtue in the 50th District congressional race.

The cornerstones of the CRA's ideological purity are a total aversion to taxes and immigrants. Now that might sound like a bunch of Libertarians to you and me, but the CRA has a two decade old endorsement from Republican saint, Ronald Reagan, on which it hangs it ideological hat.

With these guys on you side, Bill Morrow, you will loose. You can take it to the bank.