Friday, March 24, 2006

Duncan Hunter's Fingerprints on Brent Wilkes

Laura Rozen of War and Piece dusts some of the remaining pieces of the once grand and powerful Brent Wilkes' empire and finds some interesting fingerprints.

Certainly, Duke Cunningham’s prints are all over the place, but Laura also discovers evidence of the deep involvement of another San Diego County Republican, Representative Duncan Hunter (CA-52).

Hunter’s helping hand is apparent as far back as 1994, when he started the electronic document conversion bandwagon rolling in congress. It is important to understand, that the process that Hunter started was designed to directly benefit a small group of San Diego entrepreneurs, whose expertise and technology was never requested nor required by anyone in the Department of Defense or the United States government for that matter.

The result of Hunter’s involvement was the non-development of any actual technology and the creation of a number of companies designed specifically to take advantage of the potential payday that Hunter’s efforts were creating.

This was the environment from which Brent Wilkes would emerge. Wilkes would work with Steve Caira to not develop document conversion technology that they would then sell to the government at inflated prices.

Read Rozen and then read this Complaint and Jury Demand that puts Wilkes, Caira, Cunningham and Hunter together in an alleged conspiracy to defraud American taxpayers.