Thursday, November 10, 2005

Pork - Republican's White Meat

Richard Cohen has a great column in Thursday's Washington Post. Cohen writes about Alaska's legendary pork purveyor, Senator Ted Stevens.

"...the senator from Alaska had threatened -- on the floor of the Senate, no less -- to resign his seat if his colleagues passed a measure that would have eliminated some of Alaska's already approved transportation projects, including the now-famous "Bridge to Nowhere," and awarded the money to hard-pressed Louisiana. Stevens may be the first senator to equate pork with honor. A statue should be raised to him.

The statue of Stevens will note that he was the first senator in American history to take himself hostage. His threat to resign -- an action of vast indifference to all of mankind with the possible exception of the 50 people on Gravina Island -- would have deprived the Senate of a reverse Gold Rusher, someone who came down from Alaska to mine for gold in Washington. His speech, in which over and over he bemoaned the pitiful nature of his state's modest road system, made no mention of how Alaskans pay no state income tax and are awarded a piece of the state's oil revenue. The state is No. 1 in per capita federal aid, which is a tribute of sorts to Stevens's ability to game the system at the expense of us all."

How can Republicans continue to pretend that they are the party fiscal restrain, when, in fact, they are looting American so that they can remain in power - to continue their looting. All this going on while the ineffectual Democratic Party stands next to them watching in silence.