Thursday, July 14, 2005

New Additions to Our Links

Everyday, I find more outstanding blogs out there. Ideas and images that are fresh and insightful. It's a fulltime job.

Two recent finds that have been added to our links section are:

the heretik - reporting from his desk at the mouth of hell

Check out the heretik's take on yesterday's discussion of Club Gitmo:

The Abuse Of Language in Service to Torture at Guantanamo continues. Yesterday Air Force Lt. Gen. Randall Schmidt, the chief of a U.S. Southern Command investigation into FBI agents reports of Guantanamo detainee torture tried to put the best face on an ugly reality. In giving away the lie to Pentagon claims of using only appropriate techniques, the Department of Defense’s own reports note that individual techniques might not be violations of policy, but in aggregate were “degrading and abuse.” Abuse is a euphemism for torture. Abuse is the word apologists for abomination use to admit the practice but not the truth of torture.
And, our other addition to the links:


Here is the best take down of the "good news from Iraq" meme that you will read today.
Mark Yost, an editorial writer at Knight Ridder's St. Paul Pioneer Press, is finding it's easy to see "good news" in Iraq when you're sitting in an airconditioned office in the safety of the Twin Cities and relying on second hand reports. His colleagues in Baghdad however, beg to differ.
Good stuff.