Sunday, January 14, 2007

KSFO - Flagship of the Right Wing Noise Machine

Over at the Daily Kos, WinSmith writes about the need to take away the cartoon reality that insulates so many Republicans from the real world.

The voices in the dark that reassure them that the falseness is okay are their one ritual protection from the painful truth of awareness. If they lose talk radio, they collapse.

Thus the danger when we expose KFSO in San Francisco, isn't simply the removal of a few hate spewing Z-list celebrities from their 75K a year job.

It is the removal of the curtain of false reality.

When you've spent years building a false reality, when you live in a bubble network of fact-free amplification and continual reassurance by like-minded cultists, this danger is as real as if a gun was pointed at your child.

That is why they shriek.

That is why they scream.

That is why they are terrified.

We are not threatening a radio station. We are threatening the fabric of reality that holds together their lives.

Without constant reassurance from right wing talk radio, people hanging onto the lies of the Republican Party and their corporate and religious fringe masters will have to begin to question things on their own.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Republican Corruption

The Bush Administration has sent a chilling message to federal law enforcement officers this week. United States Attorney Carole Lam was told to resign and that demand by the Bush Administration was leaked to the press. It is virtually unprecedented for a chief law enforcement officer like Lam to be kicked out of such a post.
Speculation that the Bush administration allegedly has asked San Diego-based U.S. Attorney Carol Lam, the region's chief federal prosecutor, to step down was met with disbelief and dropped jaws by legal community members with ties to federal court.

"I was in a state of shock," said Peter Nunez, who served as the U.S. attorney in charge of the San Diego offices from 1982 to 1988. "It's just like nothing I've ever seen before in 35-plus years. To be asked to resign and to be publicly humiliated by leaking this to the press is beyond any bounds of decency and behavior. It shocks me. It really is outrageous."
Unprecedented unless the Bush Administration and Republican Party leaders are upset that Lam had made white collar crime and government corruption a priority for the San Diego region. Lam was responsible for the investigation and conviction of Republican congressman, Randy "Duke" Cunningham, and she is responsible for conducting the on-going investigation into Brent Wilkes, the San Diego business man in the middle of the Cunningham probe, who also has close ties to the Bush Administration and the CIA.

You can read more details over at TMP Muckraker.

Friday, January 12, 2007


Before it drops off the radar, read through KSFO's lame attempt to convince the world that all its racial slurs, advocacy of torture and desire to kill anyone who disagrees with its on air personalities is just good clean fun.

Now is the time to push right wing hate radio back into the hole it crawled out of in the early 1990's. Part of the Republican Revolution.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

KSFO Still Spewing Hate

KSFO will attempt to boost it ratings with a blogger bashing tomorrow. KSFO's host and management will control the content of the discussion in a special three hour "town hall
meeting" where they will get the last word on every subject. You can get the details here as KSFO twist and turns to try and convince advertisers that their brand of hate radio isn't as bad as, well, their brand of hate radio sounds to reasonable people.

It might be that the fact that the MSM has picked up this story. It might also be the fact that no matter how the MSM coverage is pitched, KSFO and Disney come out smelling rotten. Here is coverage from the SF Chronicle.

KSFO, Disney and Hate Radio (Spocko, too)

Over at Zen Cabin, Ripley tells us way the Spocko, KSFO, Disney dust up matters.

Ripley also tells us more about KSFO's Melanie Morgan's other right wing haunt, Move America Forward. Move America Forward is nothing more than an astroturf front for a right wing Republican PR firm, Russo, Marsh and Rogers (RM+R) and Morgan bangs the drum over there in the same way she does at KSFO.

After all, RM&R has a vested interest in maintaining Melanie’s image. And ‘Move America Forward’ spends a lot of time and text trying to move the conversation away from Melanie and back to ‘liberals hate America and love terror!!’. Plus, they ‘send cookies and Gatorade to the troops’. Hell’s bells! That’s practically taking on a dirty fucking terrorist with your bare hands!

RM&R is also responsible for promoting several ‘pro-troop’ videos, some of which can be seen on the YouTube. I’ll leave it to you to find them. (It turns out that Saddam Hussein was some kind of bad man. Oh, if only the Evil Liberal Media had reported such revelations!)

Hate pays the bills for lot of the Republican right.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

CBS Confirms KSFO's Lost Advertisers

Here is the video of CBS5's story on KSFO and Spocko. It is an excellent piece.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

MSM, Spocko, KSFO and Disney

Here is a link to the story that will run on the 11PM news in San Francisco.
At least two major corporations have pulled their advertisements from radio station KSFO-AM after bloggers publicized clips of broadcasts in which hosts took aim at politicians and a listener believed to be Muslim.

A series of remarks that aired on KSFO over the past year has sparked fury in the blogosphere. In recordings made by one blogger and posted online, talk show host Brian Sussman, who is a former CBS 5 weathercaster, grills a listener over whether the man is Muslim.
More advertisers will follow if you just give them a chance. Ask them why they support hate when there are other alternatives.

Disney, ABC, KSFO and HATE

Great summary from Media Matters.

Main Stream Media Finds A Story

The 11 PM report on San Francisco television CBS5 will include a discussion as to why hate radio KSFO is losing advertisers.

Check it out. Then write, call or email on of KSFO's unknowing advertisers.

KSFO's Melanie Morgan Hates The Weather

When KSFO hate talk personality, Melanie Morgan, smells a liberal rat, she immediately goes in for the kill. Her latest target, The Weather Channel! Apparently, the Weather Channel has bought into the myth of global warming and Morgan wants concerned citizens to get the Weather Channel out of the business of education and back into the business of reporting record high temperatures and other assorted, but non-global warming related phenomena.

Morgan encourages the readers of her World Net Daily column to contact the Weather Channel and tell them to stop liberalizing the weather.
There's a con job going on at The Weather Channel, and it's time that viewers let the network know it's time to stop the liberal politicization of weather reporting.
I kid you not.

KSFO Down Another Advertiser

According to Spocko's Brain, KSFO hate radio has lost another advertiser. After being made aware of what the ABC/Disney outlet considered entertainment, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation decided to not run any additional ads on the station.

Here is part of the exchange between MEDC executives and bluestatedon as reported on Daily Kos.
After I read last week that the Michigan Economic Development Corporation had advertised on KSFO, I sent emails to James Epolito, MEDC President and CEO, and Lisa Dancsok, MEDC VP for Marketing, Communications and Legislative Affairs, to inform them of the situation. I received a personal response via email that evening from Ms. Dancsok, informing me that they were investigating the situation immediately.

Yesterday, I received a phone call from Jim Epolito himself. He'd already met with with Governor Granholm about the situation, and needless to say she was horrified that money had been spent on advertising on that station.
Pick a company from the list of KSFO advertisers and see if that organizations management isn't just as "horrified" by being associated with the extreme hate and violence filled rhetoric that constitutes "entertainment" on KSFO.

KSFO, Spocko, Disney and the Extreme Right

OnLine Media Daily has an excellent summary of Disney's attempt to stifle free speech in support of its hate speech talk radio station, KSFO. In his article Tom Siebert describes a typical day for anyone in the western states who might tune into KSFO:
What they heard was drive-time hosts endorse torture, insult Muslims and enact the execution of journalists. When some advertisers fled, the Disney legal department briefly killed the messenger with a cease-and-desist order, alleging copyright violation.
Siebert points out that Disney is struggling with a great deal of baggage from the last six years of what appears to be a corporate love affair with the values of right wing extremism.
During the Bush administration, Disney has repeatedly shown a willingness to put right-wing allegiance over profit. It disassociated itself from Michael Moore's extremely profitable agitprop documentary "Fahrenheit 9/11." More recently, it aired the controversial "Path to 9/11" docudrama miniseries on ABC television without commercial support when advertisers balked. The program contradicted the U.S. government's bipartisan "9/11 Report" in order to fictionally cast actions of the Clinton Administration in a poor light.
See below on this blog for a list of KSFO's advertisers or you can contact ABC and Disney directly. Zenia Mucha is the Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications for the Walt Disney Company, phone number is (818) 560-5300. Or email, Heather Rim the Vice President of Communications for ABC at

Ask them why the value hate speech so much more than free speech?

Monday, January 08, 2007

Disney Has No Comment

Torture, racism, assassination.... All apparently good as far as the folks at ABC/Disney are concerned.

Mike Stark called them to ask about their support for hate radio. The courageous folks at Disney apparently have "no comment" regarding KSFO's continued spewing of hate.

Not much of a surprise here.