Sunday, January 14, 2007

KSFO - Flagship of the Right Wing Noise Machine

Over at the Daily Kos, WinSmith writes about the need to take away the cartoon reality that insulates so many Republicans from the real world.

The voices in the dark that reassure them that the falseness is okay are their one ritual protection from the painful truth of awareness. If they lose talk radio, they collapse.

Thus the danger when we expose KFSO in San Francisco, isn't simply the removal of a few hate spewing Z-list celebrities from their 75K a year job.

It is the removal of the curtain of false reality.

When you've spent years building a false reality, when you live in a bubble network of fact-free amplification and continual reassurance by like-minded cultists, this danger is as real as if a gun was pointed at your child.

That is why they shriek.

That is why they scream.

That is why they are terrified.

We are not threatening a radio station. We are threatening the fabric of reality that holds together their lives.

Without constant reassurance from right wing talk radio, people hanging onto the lies of the Republican Party and their corporate and religious fringe masters will have to begin to question things on their own.