Saturday, January 06, 2007

KSFO Hate Radio

More and more blogs are joining in to focus on the hateful behavior of radio station KSFO in San Francisco. KSFO is an ABC owned broadcast enterprise. And, of course, ABC is owned by Disney.

KSFO has been at the cutting edge of right wing radio for several years, but as the fortunes of the Republican Party and the right wing in general have begun to fall on hard times, KSFO's on the air "personalities" have been advocating violence toward anyone with whom they disagree. And, they disagree with almost everyone in the United States. Women, minorities, liberals, Democrats, gays, union members, the list is endless.

The focus here is not on the right of these wingnuts to say and advocate what they want. The focus is on understanding if these hate mongers are speaking for ABC, Disney and the various sponsors that fund KSFO and pay the salaries of this crew.

That is the simple question that needs to be asked of ABC, Disney and the many companies that pay the bills at KSFO. Do you subscribe to the hate and violence that is being advocated in your name on the radio?

KSFO's advertisers are listed here, here and here. Each list comes with its own attached commentary.

Here is the way KSFO treats religious diversity. KSFO's Brian Sussman demands that a caller with an accent proclaim that "Allah is a whore" before he will allow him to give an opinion on the radio.

Brian Sussman tells caller to say 'Allah is a whore'

Here's how Sussman feels about torture:

Brian Sussman says we should cut off detainee fingers and penises

Melanie Morgan and her more successful wingnut pal, Ann Coulter suggest that liberals should be executed:

Melanie Morgan and Ann Coulter say liberals should be executed

And here is Morgan suggesting that the editorial staff of the New York Times be executed for exercising their (and our) 1st Amendment rights:

Morgan says 'hang the NY Times editors'

KSFO's Lee Rogers seems to be in favor of torturing anyone he doesn't like, for pretty much any reason:

Lee suggests hooking a Sears DieHard battery to someone's testicles, then blowing them away

Lee Rogers says that we need to kill Muslims in Indonesia:

Lee says we need to kill millions of Muslims in Indonesia

Lee says that any news organization that refuses to report nothing but happy news from Iraq needs to be put out of its misery:

Lee says the AP should commit mass suicide

KSFO is one of the nation's premier radio stations. It's call letters signify its status as one of the first radio stations in San Francisco. Today it has become one of the leading voices advocating the torture and murder of American citizens. It has become a voice advocating violence against whole nations and religions.

Contact KSFO's parents - ABC and Disney and then contact KSFO's sponsors. Ask them how they feel being associated with this sort of hate and advocacy of violence. Maybe they just don't understand how their dollars are being used. Time to ask them if they really support KSFO hate radio?