Thursday, January 11, 2007

KSFO, Disney and Hate Radio (Spocko, too)

Over at Zen Cabin, Ripley tells us way the Spocko, KSFO, Disney dust up matters.

Ripley also tells us more about KSFO's Melanie Morgan's other right wing haunt, Move America Forward. Move America Forward is nothing more than an astroturf front for a right wing Republican PR firm, Russo, Marsh and Rogers (RM+R) and Morgan bangs the drum over there in the same way she does at KSFO.

After all, RM&R has a vested interest in maintaining Melanie’s image. And ‘Move America Forward’ spends a lot of time and text trying to move the conversation away from Melanie and back to ‘liberals hate America and love terror!!’. Plus, they ‘send cookies and Gatorade to the troops’. Hell’s bells! That’s practically taking on a dirty fucking terrorist with your bare hands!

RM&R is also responsible for promoting several ‘pro-troop’ videos, some of which can be seen on the YouTube. I’ll leave it to you to find them. (It turns out that Saddam Hussein was some kind of bad man. Oh, if only the Evil Liberal Media had reported such revelations!)

Hate pays the bills for lot of the Republican right.