Sunday, January 07, 2007

KSFO, ABC , Disney - Make Them Pay For Their Own Hate Speech

Mike Stark keeps the ABC/Disney "right to spew hate" story alive over at Huffpo.
Most of you know that Disney owns ABC. ABC, of course, owns the ABC Radio Network. Finally, ABCRN owns KSFO, a hate-radio talker in San Francisco. Common to every level of the corporate chain is an abiding affinity for Republican rule and a willingness to use hate and deceit in furtherance of their political objectives. Most recently, ABC set themselves up as the arrogant peddlers of the propaganda hit piece, "Path to 9/11" that blatantly lied about the path to 9/11 in ways that glorified Bush while smearing Clinton's role. The ABC Radio Network is home to Sean Hannity. KSFO? Well, you'll see (and hear).
Hate is all they have and they are going to play that card down to the wire. What we need to do right now is make them show how much hate means to them. Make them pay for their own hate talk and not pass those costs on to the consumers.