Sunday, January 07, 2007

Why Does Disney Hate Free Speech?

Why does ABC/Disney want to you to hear rabid hate filled radio "free speech," but threaten a lawsuit when someone asks ABC/Disney's advertisers if they actually endorse that "free speech?"

Apparently, ABC/Disney has a different view of "free speech." It is not a problem for Disney to have its KSFO radio station advocate torture, murder and religious cleansing, but it is a problem if anyone calls them on that behavior.

According to A.J. Kandy at King Marketing, ABC/Disney may be on the wrong side in this argument.
ABC/Disney are tarnishing their own brand by lending their legal muscle to rabidly right-wing San Francisco talk affiliate KSFO. In doing so, they’ve also enraged the blogosphere with their shut-down of a critical blog that was hosting clips of their shows under Fair Use educational purposes.
The list is here. Contact KSFO's advertisers and ask them on which side of the torture, murder and extermination equation they come down?