Sunday, January 07, 2007

KSFO Meet The General

Jesus General weighs in with some good programming advice for Disney. Expand on the hate, don't back down. If a little hate sells, a lot of hate will sell even more.

Here are a few of the Generals suggestions to Disney President and CEO Robert Iger:

What could be more entertaining that a show about castrating brown people hosted by Brian Sussman? I can almost see Donald Duck emasculating the seven dwarfs with big cartoon scissors after he catches a very swarthy Doc reading the Koran.

Certainly, Melanie Morgan's show about assassinating Speaker Pelosi would be a big hit as well. It might even be funnier than castration if Goofy were called in to the animated demonstration.

And what a Wonderful World of Disney it would be to have Lee Rogers host the show where Mickey Mouse turns the valves on a "delousing shower" for Indonesians.

You can add your endorsement to the General's ideas and pass it on to KSFO's advertisers. Here is the list.