Sunday, January 07, 2007

KSFO Advertisers - Contacts

Hate radio's San Francisco outpost is becoming an uncomfortable place for those who hide behind "free speech" to advocate torture, murder and religious cleansing.

If you have a few minutes and can afford a stamp or two, drop some of these folks a note today. Here is the format that Spocko used in his communications with AT&T to ask them to stop advertising on hate radio.

Here is contact and other information regarding some of KSFO's advertisers. Contact them and include some of the specific things that are being said on a daily basis on KSFO. Ask them how they feel about having their organizations image directly associated with hate speech? Be polite.

203 E. Main St.
Spartanburg, SC

Phone: 864-597-8000
Fax: 864-597-8780
Toll Free: 800-733-6697

Nelson J. Marchioli, Chief Executive Officer and President Denny's Corporation
Rhonda J. Parish, Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer and Secretary
F. Mark Wolfinger, Executive Vice President, Growth Initiatives and CFO
Janis S. Emplit, Senior Vice President, Company Operations
Margaret L. Jenkins, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Chief Marketing Officer
Samuel M. Wilensky, Senior Vice President and Acting Head of Operations
Timothy E. Flemming, Vice President, General Counsel
S. Alex Lewis, Vice President, Investor Relations and Treasurer
Yvonne Wolf, Vice President, Chief People Officer

Denny’s Commitment to Diversity

Agape Villages, Inc.
3160 Crow Canyon Place, Suite 120
San Ramon, CA 94583-1338
Phone: 800-379-0103

Wilma Flach, Chairperson of Agape Villages’ Board of Directors
Richard Blythe, Executive Director of the Agape Founders’ Fund
Janet Kleyn, President of Agape Villages.

Children's care and safe homes. How such an organization can support the hateful message on KSFO is a mystery.


Corporate Headquarters
19001 Crescent Springs Drive
Kingwood, Texas 77339-3802


Senior Management Profiles

Board of Directors

Code of Conduct

Ask this group if their corporate code of conduct would allow one of their employees to advocate violence or intolerance?

Benchmark Lending

120 Stony Point Road, Suite 210
Santa Rosa, CA 95401

Toll Free Telephone: 1-800-680-4000
Main Telephone: 1-707-546-5626

Barney Aldridge, Founder
Jason Ehrlicher, President and CEO
Garry Goodman, Vice President of Sales
Mark Warnell, Director of Administration

Company has a strong history of support to charity and non-profit organizations. How can they reconcile that record of community commitment with their support of those who advocate torture and suggest that Muslims be bombed when they are praying?

Best Buy Co. Inc.
PO Box 9312
Minneapolis, MN 55440-9312
United States
Phone: 612-291-1000
Fax: 952-947-2422

Mr. Bradbury H. Anderson, Vice Chairman, Chief Exec. Officer and Member of Strategic Growth & Financial Planning Committee

Brian J. Dunn , President

Mr. Robert A. Willett , Executive VP of Operations and Chief Exec. Officer of Best Buy International

Mr. Elliot S. Kaplan , 70
Sec., Director and Chairman of Strategic Growth & Financial Planning Committee (Financial Planning)

Best Buy Community Commitment

"Giving back to our communities is central to the way we do business at Best Buy. Whether it’s funding innovative programs that make learning fun for kids, providing te@ch awards to K-12 schools each year, supporting the United Way and American Red Cross, or mobilizing TagTeam volunteers throughout the country, we are privileged to help strengthen our communities."

Ask Best Buy's leadership team how KSFO's advocacy of exterminating anyone their "on air personalities" consider a liberal helps strengthen the Bay Area community?

TBC Corporation (Owns Big O Tires)
7111 Fairway Drive, Suite 201
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418

Lawrence C. Day, President and Chief Executive Officer

Big O Tires
12650 E Briarwood Ave #2D
Centennial, CO 80112

John B. Adams, President and CEO, Big O Tires

Do TBC and Big O Tires only sell to those on the fringe that enjoy the thought of bombing women and children and torturing anyone which whom they disagree? Ask them.

Will be back later with more.