Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I'd Rather Walk

Over at TPM, Josh Marshall wonders about the capabilities of Randy "Duke" Cunningham's designated drivers, Shirlington Limousines. How could a company with Shirlington's record of failures, malfeasance and regulatory problems get multi-million dollar contracts with the Department of Homeland Security?
So let's put this all together. Shirlington limo's owner Chris Baker has a long criminal record. He's tight with Cunningham briber Brent Wilkes and reportedly provided the transportation services for the parties Wilkes used to sauce up members of Congress and various intel folks as well as get them set up with hookers. Only, aside from squiring Duke Cunningham around with his daily prostitutes, Shirlington seemed like a really screwed up company. They're getting their buses repossessed, their DOT authority to take people across state lines yanked, and pretty much sued right and left. If Shirlington had taxis and you flagged one down to drive you a few blocks, you might tell them you weren't willing to take the risk. But the Department of Homeland Security, which has various law enforcement and intelligence responsibilities (and if you remember some general thing with protecting the homeland) decides Shirlington is the company it wants providing transportation for its senior-most appointees, the folks who run the place.
Duhhh. Shirlington, Wilkes, hookers, members of congress, digital photos. Do I need to draw a map?