Saturday, April 29, 2006

Wilkes, Goss, Foggo, Cunningham..........

Over at POGO, the relationship between the Wilkes, Cunningham, prostitutes and "hospitality" is reviewed in great detail. Of particular interest is Porter Goss' promotion of career mid-level bureaucrat, Kyle "Dusty" Foggo, to the number three post in the CIA. How did Foggo's life long friendship with Wilkes play into his selection and who among Goss' congressional colleagues might have been pushing for Foggo?

“Remember that Goss is the one who plucked one of Wilkes’ old San Diego friends, the unusual and colorful Kyle “Dusty” Foggo, out of CIA middle-management obscurity to be his #3 at the agency. At the time of Foggo’s appointment, no one could figure out where he came from, or how Goss knew him….[how did Goss] determine he was qualified for the CIA executive director post?”

All good questions, especially as Foggo is currently under investigation by the CIA Inspector General because of his relationship with Wilkes over possible CIA contracting improprieties, and any role he might have played in the Cunningham affair. (Update: Goss through a flack denies partying down with Wilkes at hotels) Friday morning the Union-Tribune and Laura Rozen added additional details about poker games and hotel suites presided over by Wilkes and attended by various past and present legislators and CIA officials (including one known only by his delightful nickname, “Nine Fingers," so named because he lost one of his digits while on assignment. Is it just us, or is this beginning to sound like a Sopranos episode?)

If Goss didn't party with Wilkes and Foggo, did Foggo's elevation stem in part from his recommendation by Randy "Duke" Cunningham? And, aside from a few nights of high priced companionship, what did Cunningham get out of that assist to his friend Wilkes? And, make no mistake; having a close personal friendship with the number three man in the CIA was going to make Wilkes very rich.