Friday, April 28, 2006

The Perfect Storm - Prostitution, Bribery and Incompetence

Editor and Publisher has a good summary of the Wilkes-Cunningham prostitution scandal and an indication of the growing army of investigators and reporters who are digging for details. Nothing gets the journalistic juices flowing better than a good sex scandal and this one could, like Cunningham’s record bribes, be the mother of all congressional sex scandals.
The wider picture, involving possibly other congressmen involved with prostitutes, emerged Thursday in an appearance by Dean Calbreath of The San Diego Union-Tribune on MSNBC's Joe Scarborough show, in which he suggested that as many as six lawmakers could eventually be named. The Union-Tribune earlier this month won a Pulitzer for its coverage of the Cunningham case.
The WSJ, the UT and every other media outlet with advertising to sell is going to be riding this story