Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Roach Update

The Roach campaign says that a decision by conservative Eric Roach will be announced this week regarding the status of his run against Brian Bilbray in the June Republican primary. Roach spent last week in Washington meeting with the leading lights (yes, the light is on but nobody's home) of the radical Republican right. His decision on challenging Bilbray was promised for last week, but postponed to this week.

What does this delay mean? Who knows. While Roach is apparently wavering, Bilbray is picking the support of a number of mainstream Republican leaders. "Deadeye" Dick Cheney will headline a fund raiser for Bilbray later in the month. Dennis "From Russia With Love" Hastert will be stumping for Bilbray and rumor has it the John "Born Again" McCain will also be out hustling votes for Bilbray.

The longer Roach waits the more entrenched Bilbray becomes.

An interesting sidelight to the Roach decisions comes from the student newspaper at California State University - San Marcos. In a profile piece on one of Roach's young Republican volunteers, Rory Luepton, Luepton says Roach is running.
Roach lost the election, which Luepton said was heart-breaking, but Roach is running again for the congressional election in November and Luepton will also be working on the new campaign.
Is Luepton in the know, or just another right wing cheerleader?