Saturday, April 29, 2006

Wilkes-Cunningham Prostitution Update

Over at Kos, georgia10 is all over the latest on the Wilkes-Cunningham prostitution story. Today's front page effort is a recap of recent events with a couple of jabs at one of the Bush Administrations most convenient punching bags, the Department of Homeland Security.
So, Homeland Security does not thoroughly vet its contractors, even if they are given the highly sensitive task of driving around high-level members of our government. And it doesn't thoroughly vet its contractors before it awards them millions of dollars in contracts. This incompetence at DHS should be a scandal in and of itself.
When the Shirlington Limousine and Transportation Inc. wasn't delivering members of congress and prostitutes to Wilkes various "hospitality" suites, it was under contract to provided limousine services to senior DHS personnel. Awarded two contracts worth over $24 million, Shirlington certainly had the right connections to make sure their bids were selected. After all, we keep hearing that photos of our representatives with hookers are soon to come.