Friday, April 07, 2006

We Have To Take Back Congress

Is there anybody in the progressive blogosphere (blogger or reader) who is really surprised to learn that both Bush and Cheney were involved in leaking national secrets to selected members of the press? Come on.

Of course they were involved and all the posturing by Bush about protecting classified information and finding leakers was a bunch of lies. Surprised that Bush would lie to the American people? I don’t think so.

The real issue here is will he get away with it? Can he lie and cheat with impunity? Will the Republican Congress stand and cheer as Bush spits on the Constitution and shreds the Bill of Rights?

Is there anyone in the Republican Congress – the house that Jack "the Felon" Abramoff and Tom “the Hammer” Delay built – who will step up and put the American people first?

Here’s the bill on impeachment via firedoglake:
We have a President and a Vice President who put their own, personal political vendetta and their desire to maintain a hold on power and look good to the public ahead of our national security interests. George Bush declassified a selected portion of the NIE unilaterally (only the ones favorable to his argument, not the parts that said he was flat out wrong, so the public only got half the story in the lead-up to the war), and in doing so bypassed the clearance procedures that would have ensured that long-term US national security interests would not have been threatened by any portion of this disclosure. This is beyond selfish, beyond cheating — it is reckless and it is wrong. Getting even with a political enemy should never, ever come before protecting this nation as a whole — and worrying about your own political skin is a pathetic excuse from a weak man who puts himself above his country and above his duty to protect our nation’s most closely guarded secrets. Shame on you, Mr. President.

Why is it that the only sound I hear from the Republican Congress is the sound of silence?