Monday, April 24, 2006

Is the NRCC Attack Ad Aimed at Eric Roach, too?

Isn’t the timing of the latest NRCC attack ad interesting? What nightmare wakes the folks at the NRCC up in the middle of the night? Eric Roach is the NRCC’s worst nightmare. With Roach still undecided regarding challenging Brian Bilbray in the 50th District Republican primary in June, the NRCC has to be on edge regarding the impact of Roach in the race and the implications if Republicans are split both in June and November. With that in mind, the NRCC’s current attack on Democrat Francine Busby makes perfect sense.

The new ad’s most egregious contention is that Busby praised a teacher who it was later learned was into pornography. A teacher, who unbeknownst to Busby had pornography on his personal, home computer. The ad twists words, context and time itself to create a lying distortion that borders on slander. Still, negative campaign advertising works and Republicans are masters at it.

There is another candidate out there who could be damaged by his past associations with a pedophile, and that candidate is Eric Roach. The seed money that helped make Roach a millionaire came from Thomas White, an individual deeply immerse in the exploitation of young boys on a worldwide basis. Eric Roach’s financial independence is based upon his partnership with White.

There is no evidence that Roach knew what kind of a perverse slimeball his business partner was, but evidence, facts or decency don’t stop the NRCC. The NRCC is concerned about Busby’s chances, but they are terrified about what a Roach win in the primary could do to their chance to hold onto the 50th District.