Sunday, April 23, 2006

Busby Campaign Responds to Republican Lies

Here is the link to Francine Busby's campaign blog. The Busby campaign responds to the lies, distortions and deceptions to which the National Republican Congressional Committee and Brian Bilbray have resorted in the 50th CD campaign.
The NRCC and lobbyist Brian Bilbray have sunk to a new low in their latest ad. In addition to falsely attacking Francine on her record on education, they accuse her of sympathizing with a teacher accused of possessing child pornography. This claim is despicable and couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Claim 1: Francine sympathized with a teacher accused of possessing child pornography.

The Truth: Francine and the Cardiff School Board took immediate action and had the teacher removed from the classroom. He never taught again - end of story.

Claim 2: Under Francine's supervision, the school district deficit increased.

The Truth: California law requires that School Districts adopt a balanced budget. They are also required to maintain a reserve equivalent to 3% of total expenditures. In the time Francine has been on the School Board, Cardiff Schools have never allowed their reserve to dip below 5% - 2% more than is actually required.

Claim 3: Busby voted to layoff teachers.

The Truth: Initial layoff notices are required in March, with final notices in May. Districts must project enrollments and determine staffing needs long before they know their final revenues for the current year. As a result, school districts are required to give notices as a precautionary measure even though layoffs may never take place.

Three claims - Three shameless lies. Expect more of the same in the next 6 weeks from these corrupt Washington insiders who want more of the same in Washington for years to come.
For most Republicans wining is all that counts. How you do it and what you become in the process doesn't matter to them.