Sunday, April 23, 2006

Bilbray Likes Ad Attacking Busby

Republicans rallied around their newest slander against Democrat Francine Busby in the 50th District congressional race. According to the AP, Busby's opponent, lobbyist Brian Bilbray thinks the ad is just fine.
A spokesman for Bilbray, Steve Danon, told the North County Times that he had not seen the commercial Friday but, "if the facts are true, then the facts speak for themselves."
The National Republican Congressional Committee, stand by the ad. They apparently take pride in being a bunch of sorry, lying hypocrites.

From Washington, D.C., NRCC spokesman Carl Forti defended the commercial, saying it uses Busby's own words.

"It's a quote. She said what she said. I'm not sure she can deny it," he said, adding that the group plans to continue airing the ad.

The fact that Busby's words are carefully edited and used out of context apparently isn't considered dishonest or a lie to the leaders of the Republican congress of corruption.

Sadly for Bilbray and his Republican pals, their words and actions do not have to be twisted out of context to demonstrate why they can not be allowed to continue to run this country into the ground.

North County Republicans must be very proud of what their party is doing. What a fine example they set for the American people.