Monday, April 24, 2006

Doolittle Calls For Mormon Jihad

Representative John Doolittle (CA-4) has been steadfast in his refusal to explain himself to his constituents in his district. Earlier this year, in a fund raising letter directed to his major campaign contributors, Doolittle asked them for financial help in fighting against "the same Beltway powerbrokers who have targeted me in the past - the labor union bosses, radical feminists and extreme environmentalists."

Now Doolittle has turned to his fellow Mormons in the 4th District. According to the Sacramento Bee, in early April Doolittle emailed a document that tells his side of the story, but only to members of his church. If you're not member of the Latter Day Saints, you don't get to hear what Doolittle thinks.

"I take attacks on my honor very seriously, particularly because of my well-known membership in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints," the congressman said in his letter. "I am very conscious that my actions reflect on the Church and have tried to live my public and private lives in a way that is consistent with my faith."

With the e-mail was a four-page attachment titled "Doolittle Attack Facts," in which claims pulled from newspaper stories are matched with Doolittle's perspective.

In one "attack," for example, it's been reported that Doolittle refuses to return campaign contributions from Abramoff, his associates or clients. The attachment said that's true because "John refuses to give even the slightest appearance that he may have done something wrong by returning money that was accepted legally and ethically."

Another "attack" based on the Las Vegas fundraiser makes Doolittle "look like a hypocrite considering his strong faith and opposition to gambling," the attachment said.

But "Las Vegas is one of the top destination spots in the world," said the response. "While Rep. Doolittle doesn't personally gamble and doesn't believe it is a morally permissible activity, he does enjoy Las Vegas as it has some of the finest hotels, restaurants and entertainment in the world. For these same reasons, others enjoy it as well which helps make a fundraiser there a success."

Apparently, Doolittle doesn't think his fellow Mormons would be interested in his explanation about his 15% cut of all campaign and PAC contributions.

When he needs to explain himself, Doolittle first goes to those who have money and second he plays the religion card.

This guy makes me sick.