Tuesday, April 25, 2006

CA-50 New Poll....Roach Watch....Etc.

Over at MYDD, Chris Bowers takes a look at the first public poll in the CA-50 race since the April 11 special election. The polls shows Democrat Francine Busby and Republican lobbyist Brian Bilbray in a statistical dead heat, with about 8% of likely voters undecided.

It is important to note that this poll was taken before the NRCC's latest attack ad aimed at Busby and, more significantly, before the media and public backlash about the ad put Bilbray on the defensive.

Chris also thinks that conservative Republican Eric Roach will mount a primary challenge to Bilbray. This will force Bilbray to fight Busby in the run-off election, while defending himself against Roach in the Republican primary. Roach's campaign says a decision on his candidacy is likely this week.

Democrats have lots of work to do in the CA-50 and the importance of the district to the 2006 grows as the Republican Party dumps more resources into the campaign.