Saturday, March 18, 2006

More on Briber-in-Chief Wade's Role at the White House

Apparently, MZM and Mitchell Wade got White House spy contracts through Duke Cunningham. These were contracts to help integrate satellite photos of American sites into a database used by an organization accused of spying on American's that were against the Iraqi war. So says the San Jose Mercury News.

In February 2003, MZM won a two-month contract worth $503,144.70 to provide technical support to the Pentagon's Joint Counter-Intelligence Field Activity, or CIFA. The top-secret agency was created five months earlier primarily to protect U.S. defense personnel and facilities from foreign terrorists.

CIFA recently has come under fire following disclosures that it maintained information on individuals and groups involved in peaceful anti-war protests at defense facilities and recruiting offices.

The information was stored in a database that was supposed to be reserved for reports related to potential foreign terrorist activity.

I don't know what makes me more angry: outsourcing the hunt for terrorists to a Cunningham crony in secret or, the fact that the agency doing the spying couldn't figure out who they should be watching. Ultimately, they decide to keep an eye on a bunch of bomb throwing Quakers.