Monday, March 13, 2006

San Diego Politics is on a roll today. First they break the story regarding Eric Roach's former business partner and pedophile, Thomas White. Then they link up to a website that debunks the myth that Howard Kaloogian had anything to do with the Gray Davis recall.

According to, Kaloogian collected lots of money as part of the Davis recall movement, but spent it all on overhead and none on actually getting signatures on recall petitions. SD Politics suggests that the Kaloogian campaign should set the record straight regarding Kaloogian's fund raising and where the money went.

The website says Kaloogian raised substantial sums of money for his recall committee but did not collect ANY signatures for the recall. Instead, the website claims that Kaloogian, "presided over a slush fund, not a campaign to recall a governor." Additionally, the website says: "FACT: Howard Kaloogian’s only involvement in the recall was running a website and collecting money."

So, the questions to ask of Kaloogian’s camp seem to be:

1) How many recall signatures did you collect?

2) When did you get involved in the recall effort?

3) How much money did your recall committee collect?

4) What did you do with the money you collected and how much of that was paid to Howard Kaloogian?

This isn't the first time that Kaloogian's involvement in the Gray Davis recall has been questioned. The fact that Kaloogian touts his involvement on his campaign website opens him to this level of scrutiny.