Sunday, December 18, 2005

Up With "Down With Tyranny"

Great stuff on the connections between Representative Duncan Hunter (CA-52) and the paymasters of the Republican congress of corruption over at Down With Tyranny.

"Hundreds of thousands of dollars flowed from defense contractors, eager to do business with the government, to Hunter, Republican Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, including at least $50,000 from Brent Wilkes, one of the crooks who was caught bribing Cunningham. Fact of the matter is, Cunningham was a rank amateur compared to the far more corrupt-- and far smarter -- Hunter.

Hunter had a hand in virtually every military scandal involving large sums of money that has gone down over the past 2 decades. He was a key participant in getting Air Force funds questionably diverted to his campaign contributor, Boeing (the bi-product of which was the disgrace and resignation of Air Force Secretary Jim Roche). Bush replaced Roche by an even sleazier Air Force Secretary, Peter Geren (who owns a cabin with Hunter and who continued pushing Hunter's outrageous schemes for funneling taxpayer dollars to Boeing-- a percentage of which was, of course, always kicked back to his campaign coffers). Two Boeing executives and an Air Force procurement official were convicted and imprisoned in these matters but Hunter was protected by the Bush Regime, which kept his name out of the public records."

Hunter isn't Cunningham lite. No, Hunter is the real deal. Smarter, better connected and far more subtle than the heavy handed Duke. Cunningham was dumb and greedy, but the real corruption can by looking at Hunter and some others in the same circle - Reps. Jerry Lewis (CA-41) and John Doolittle (CA-4).